Welcome to my first blog post

2:52 Am What is a better time for my first post!? Well let’s start with good morning!(not officially, please don’t get up for coffee quite yet) I just laid back down after being brutally awakened by my 10 month old twins. (No there not sleeping through the night) It always begins with one, who’s crys must summon the other. Sidenote: I should mention we just got an 8 week old pup last weekend. (I know, I know what you’re thinking) No, I am not crazy! Yet. So as I’m headed downstairs to be a servant to these kids of mine, Roxi, the pup, follows and to no surprise starts doing her business in the kitchen! Wonderful! ( mind you, at this point I still have two screaming babies) I tried to stop her mid-potty, but to no prevail. So I get the babes there bottles and it’s silent again. I decided to take Roxi outside still, at this point I know she didn’t have to potty, but for training purposes. As we walk back up the stairs, excited to crawl back in bed, I step in a nice warm present left by miss Roxi! I hope your morning starts off on a better foot than mine:) IMG_0160


A new adventure awaits

Hello fellow bloggers, mama’s, people of WordPress.com. I have been absent for quite some time, which is terrible, but that’s life right!? I want to share something with you, that I have had in the works for a bit now! I’m actually super psyched to share it with you! Okay, so you know how all these online marketing companies are the trend right now. I searched and researched so many looking for something that spoke to me, because, well, I wanted to try out one. Everything from BEACHBODY to Lularoe! Finally I found one on the ground floor, just starting out!

I am now a consultant for J.Elizabeth Boutique. I’m sharing this with you for MANY of reasons. 1. I know there are a ton of moms out there, looking to be passionate about something other than  the norm. I know, because that was me! 2. Obviously, to sell products! 3. To get the word out, because maybe after you do your research, you will want to reach out and be apart of it too! 4. I’ve really been trying to live outside my comfort zone to form connections with other moms, women. I feel we should all start to do that more and support the women around us!

Take a look at my site, by clicking the link at the end of the paragraph. NO PRESSURE. Let me know your thoughts, good or bad! Reach out! Enjoy! ♡ Thank you!


Year 24

         I will be 24 in a few days. I can’t believe it. I’m still young, right!? I recently have been thinking about what I’ve accomplished, goals I have, the could have beens and what if’s, the things I haven’t accomplished, and things and people I am thankful for. Especially what I am thankful for since having my twins (one short year ago). You don’t truly realize the worth of friends and family until you have children. Some stay for the ride and others fade. We really should focus and be thankful for those people at all times, it should not have to be the holiday season for that to be in the forefront of our minds. What will I make of year 24? And I’m not talking about the obvious. I will continue to be the best mother, fiancé, friend, daycare provider, daughter, that I can be. I mean , what does the world have in store for me? The challenges, the dreams, the accomplishments, the failures, the loss. Bring it on! This is my life now: I like being busy. Have you ever heard that before? I like making lists and accomplishing them. I am planning my wedding for next year, I love it, it’s right up my alley. I have anxiety and am stressed out most the time, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I must like that feeling or get off on it. Which is insane right? I get bored easy, the wheels are always turning… I wanted to stay home with the twins so I started doing daycare. It’s great! But now im going to do some hair on the weekends. (I did hair for 3 years prior) Also maybe I should look into going back to school? Maybe I should join one of these “small businesses” marykay, luluroe, doterra, evolve, etc? Maybe do some volunteer work? This is my brain! Did I mention I’m planning my wedding!? And raising 1 year old twins!? And our house sold , so we have to find a house by April 1st! I feel like I want/need to be apart of something more, something bigger. Thank god for my fiancé, sometimes he needs to put my feet back on the ground and snap me back to reality. Am I absolutely bonkers to want to do more!? What is this obsession of mine? Does anyone do this or feel this way? Feel free to reach out to me! 

         I have high hopes for year 24 though. I think it’s healthy to be goal oriented, busy, motivated. I might drive myself crazy, but that’s who I am. I want to practice being a minimalist. My house could use less “things”. I could use less “baggage”. I have already started getting rid of all the things we don’t use, that sit in the storage closet because one day down the road it may come in use. My grandmother was a hoarder and when we moved her out of her hous you wouldn’t believe the stuff she had held on too all those years. I will not be her. I will not carry that unnecessary extra weight. Along with just getting rid of things, part of being a minimalist is saying NO. I have to realize it is okay to tell someone NO. Weather it be making it to EVERY family function or making a commitment on my day off. I will thank myself later. I think most people could stand to say NO more. Consider it…

     I have high hopes for year 24. I want to focus on what I put into my body. Not necessarily lose weight, but be knowledgeable about how I’m affecting my inside self. I struggle with acne, headaches, and stress. I know my unhealthy habits take part in all those things and It’s time I do myself a favor and figure it out. I now also have little eyes watching me at all times and I need to set a good example of eating healthy. It is important. 

        I have high hopes for year 24. I need to work on not having that “mom guilt”. I know most mamas will know what I’m talking about! It’s terrible. I feel like I can’t go out and do things and leave the twins home. And deep down I know they will be just fine, but the guilt still comes. It is healthy for a mama to have time away, both for her and her babies. I need to practice having time alone or with friends. Remembering it’s a key part to being the best mama one can be! 

   This post was for me. Some things I just needed to get out. My feelings aren’t hurt if you didn’t like it, if you even made it this far lol! So happy birthday to me! I’m excited and ready for this next chapter. I will find more time for blogging because I truly enjoy it. I hope someone enjoys them. 

                                             Till next time                                                                  Haley ♡                         

Hello Autumn

                                             Don’t you all love the foliage in the fall❤

Welcome back everyone! How is everyone’s weekend going thus far? I just wanted to check in, nothing too heavy 🙂 Here at home it’s been raining and dreary, but we try to make the most of it, right! I’ll tell you a secret though, I am a fan of the dropping temperatures. That means my FAVORITE season is coming, and it’s coming fast. Autumn!            


This means it is finally the season for campfires, jeans and hoodies, back to school, pumpkin spice lattes (pumpkin everything), and football (preferably the Packers). Funny story for you guys… as I mentioned earlier it has been raining all day here so my family took a drive to target for the necessities. You know diapers, wipes,etc. 🙂 My hubby had mentioned pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks before we even left the house (yes he is as terrible as me). So we both were pumped, because we knew leinenkugels has their pumpkin beer out! So must be time! Unfortunately, when I asked, we were a week too early, they will be releasing it Friday! We were crushed. So get ready all you pumpkin lovers! You know where I’ll be Friday!

           As we approach back to school I will be in transition as well. If you read or skimmed my “about me” you know I do in home daycare. For the summer I had mostly school aged children,all but one. Now that September is right around the corner they will be heading back to school, it’s rather bittersweet. So now I will be having youngsters, which I still love, but it will be very different. Everything from the atmosphere of my home to our daily routine.   So wish me luck!!

   Well this is where I’ll leave you. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! My babies are tucked in, dreaming sweet dreams I hope. Our pup is curled up in her kennel and we are watching the Packer/Bronco game (well mostly he is). Ha!  Remember, tomorrow is a new day with new adventures. 

Oh! One more thing! If you guys have any advice to a new blogger or have any questions/comment please let me know! 
                                                                    Xoxo Haley

It’s only Hump Day…

Hey everyone! Did you know It’s only Wednesday! Has this not been the longest, shittiest week so far. Is anyone out there with me on this!? I mean what else can the all powerful throw at me!? For starters, I’m exhausted. I mean not just “I’m a mom of twins exhausted, it has pushed me way past that, THAT is NORMAL! It’s like 4 cups of coffee exhausted, letting the kiddos watch more than one movie exhausted, not making dinner exhausted, PMS irritable exhausted(that’s bad). Second, who has bought a house? Yes. You people know how drooling,stressful and extensive buying a house is, from financing to actually closing. I’m just not sure I agree with the whole system! And don’t get me started on my acne, Hello outbreak! Ew. Then we always have the petty family stress, no matter what, I swear it’s always something. Need I remind you again… it’s ONLY Wednesday! Now it’s time for a beer, or beverage of your choice ( this happens to be my only choice). So raise it high and proud, because we almost made it through another week. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mama, a daddy, single, it’s complicated, old, or young; let me know your with me! Happy Hump Day everyone! 

Pictured here is my beautiful 40 minutes of peace. Gotta love it❤️

Enjoy the Little Things

Happy Sunday afternoon you guys! What a beautiful day! So today I’ve been home alone since 9:30, the kiddos are with their daddy at a family function in the cities. Now, don’t get me wrong I love love love being with my family and I always miss them, but it is detrimental for a mama to have this time away. It’s time for me to enjoy the simple things, without all the chaos. For example, these beautiful flowers I picked this morning ,a clean house, the quiet, a long walk with Roxy on this beatiful day, and even maybe watch a couple episodes of my fave show.  I can tell you that a few months back my outlook on this was completely different ,I had the whole “mom guilt” thing going on. I have learned from other mamas out there that it is a necessity for us to have this time, I have to have Haley time in order to be the best version of me. When they return I will be refreshed and a better mama to them.  So please take this Sunday and make time for you, you deserve it, and don’t forget to enjoy the little things.

xoxo Haley IMG_0161

Coffee is a must with double trouble

IMG_0158Good morning again, at a more decent hour. I hope everyone slept better than my household and got to enjoy that cup of joe! If you love a good deal and great coffee I would recommend One Cup. I order it from Amazon, who doesn’t love Amazon, especially being a Prime member. You can pick your flavor and box count( I started with the variety to try them all) I should mention these are for Keurig brands. I get a box of 80 cups, ( and even better there recyclable cups) for 35$! It lasts my hubby and I about 2 months! My fave flavor is called “rainforest blend”, it’s an organic medium roast. I highly recommend trying it out! Anywho… I better get something done while everyone naps! Happy Friday!